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2500W Solar Portable Power Station

2500W Solar Portable Power Station

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Powerful, portable, and renewable energy at an affordable price. This whisper quiet PowerBox can be fully charged using a solar energy panel, at home using the ac adapter, or the car adapter. There are no harmful emissions coming from this portable PowerBox, so you can use it inside your home or outdoors. With solar energy there are no recurring costs, just free clean energy. You can also continuously charge the power box and enjoy using it, all at the same time. Never be without power when you need it!

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    2500 Portable Power Station

    1. Portability: The combination of pulley and pull rod makes it easy to move by one person; the double handle design allows two people to lift it easily.
    2. Shell: The combination of super-strength one-piece aluminum alloy shell and high-strength fireproof plastic shell makes the machine more durable. The design life is more than 20 years.
    3. AC output: pure sine wave high-power continuous output 2000W, peak 4000W, frequency 50Hz/60Hz can be switched, perfect matching with electrical equipment.
    4. DC output: 12V /120W supports cigarette lighter and DC5521 output; 5V /15W USB output;
    5. Lithium iron phosphate battery: with high safety, the service life is as long as 6000+ times, and the capacity: 2515Wh
    6. Input support: solar panel 500W high power input, adapter 300W input, support solar panel and adapter to charge at the same time;
    7. Display screen: The smart display screen displays the working status of the product at all times.
    8. Air switch: secondary safety protection, product transportation protection, long-term non-use protection, short-circuit protection, overload protection, self-activation of the machine use function after opening.
    9. Product output interface protective cover: better protection of the product output interface and waterproof function;
    10. Low power consumption: low power consumption battery management system + air switch combination, product standby time of 48 months, more suitable for emergency and power reserve.
    11. Product protection function: short circuit protection, overload protection, overcharge protection, over discharge protection, over temperature protection, over voltage protection, making the product safer to use.
    12. Environmental protection and mute: 0 carbon emissions, no noise and pollution, and contribute to the energy saving and carbon reduction of the social environment.
    13. Dimensions - 23.5in x 14.8in x 8.7in


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