Teaching Solar

Teaching Solar

I'm not a seller, I am a teacher.  Most people try to find a career and make money.  I want and have always wanted a career that helps others.  Being a teacher will always be apart of who I am; never will I let go of that feeling that I received, when a child had that "AHA!" moment.  Teaching in my family is passed down, like the best worn blanket.  A little ragged, but wonderfully designed with delicate details from effort woven within.  When opportunity came to help others in a different way, I contemplated the pros/cons list diligently.  What I didn't realize was the amount of learning that I NEEDED to do in order to present our products with earnest intention. The idea of solar seems to bring up the idea of heavy panels, weighing down your roof. Solar has been redefined to allow the every day consumer and municipalities a better option for traditional products.  As I continue this blog, my intention is to TEACH you about solar products, and just maybe... you might be interested in our solar products. 

-Solar Teacher


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