What is LiFePO4 battery

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Not all batteries are considered equal. When purchasing any battery based product, you should know what you are getting.  There are three types of batteries that you see most often in your portable power battery generators.  The lead acid battery, lithium ion battery, and LifePo4 battery.  Read the spec sheets before purchasing!

Lead Acid - oldest technology from 1800's

Low Life Cycles Average 200-300 

Toxicity Very High

Maintenance every 3-6 months (think car battery)

Lithium Ion - technology founded in the 1990's

Moderate Life Cycles Average 1,000-2,000

Toxicity Low unless punctured, then likely to explode or catch fire

Maintenance free

Lithium Iron Phosphate -  technology founded in 1996 at the University of Texas

High Life Cycles Average 6,000 or MORE

Toxicity Low and will never catch on fire even if punctured

Maintenance free

Want to learn more about LifeP04?  Check out this article...


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